Rockit: A useful tool for the new parent.

IMG_0063.JPGThe baby show at London on 20th October saw many product launches, but one, in particular, I was lucky to attend, was the launch of Rockit, a clip-on accessory that can rock the pushchair in a motion that helps little one settle down, and help parents stop stressing about having to stop the pushchair and waking up little one! The Rockit went on for sale for the first time at The Baby Show on 20th October and I was lucky enough to be able to get one of the first ones!

I tried Rockit out on my youngest nephews pushchair and was very impressed that it actually helped to keep him calm, content and mostly asleep even at 15 months old! The Rockit doesn’t affect the way I attach my chair to the pushchair either, meaning that I can use it on the pushchair without the vibrations going into the chair despite the chair being connected to the pushchair/buggy.

The fact that it’s shaped like a rocket makes it look a fun accessory and if little hands get hold of it, there’s no need to panic due to the battery cover being a screw on/off style, safely protecting little hands for small items!

For £40, I’d definitely say that this is a useful accessory to help if you have a fidgety baby who likes a rocking motion to keep them asleep, or for those babies who wake up the moment the pushchair or buggy stops. However, I wouldn’t advise buying until you know what sort of movement your baby likes, as if stopping the buggy doesn’t bother them, then it won’t really be needed. There isn’t anything out on the market like this either, which means that if you don’t like the design then there isn’t anything else out there. However, watch the space as you never know, more designs may become available.

The rockit is available to buy on Amazon and at independent retailers – check baby style to see which ones stock it! 

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